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states 4961As you can see in the pictures shown, our competition strongly played defense on our robot at all times, however, our drive team found a way to strategically maneuver around the interference. There will be a write-up later this week in the local newspaper, we'll be sure to post it when it comes out.

After Michigan State Champs, Team 4961 is ranked 71th out of 451 teams in the state and qualifies for World Championship in St Louis without using their wild card invitation. Accomplishing another goal of earning their way to World's!

The team played on the Ford field division at State champs and were picked by the 4th seed alliance for playoffs. We battled our way to semi-finals but ended up not moving on. During the awards ceremony, we won of the UL Safety Award and ended the event with an additional 78 ranking points.

Many thanks to Metro Bolt & Fastener for all your help this season supporting our team!

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