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Team 1481 - The Riveters

logo metrobolt#1481 Robotics is more than an after school club, it is a highly competitive team full of hard working, motivated girls who are eager to put their talents to use. While the competitions are where we get the most spotlight, the build season is where we really get to work. , The Riveters have been hard at work preparing for the 2017 season. With new shipments of parts for our robot, and new accessories for our Riveters gear; we have been starting to tie old methods of production with fresh, new ideas!

Hard work pays off - The Riveters are going to the States

Our work has paid off! For our first district competition in Southfield, we were able to shake up the field with our high seated rank, and astonishing alliance. It was an incredibly close competition with everyone on the edge of their seats while watching our alliance team come together to fight the number 1 ranked team: the Killer Bees. We were able to leave the competition with our our goal of an Imagery Award, and had recognition for our pit safety! And best of all, we were finalists in the whole competition.

To Follow the Riveters, follow this link

Follow this link to see the Riveters robot in competition

Metro Bolt & Fastener is a proud Sponsor of Team 1481 - The Riveters

FIRST Riveters

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